lights! camera! . . . amo!

looks like amo’s got yet another part-time job. last week i met with a couple of my friends who are in the process of producing an independent film, and they asked me to be their casting director. how cool is that? pretty stinkin’ cool, says amo. the script is finished, though the writers and the director continue to tweak a bit here and there. we are still in need of a production manager, a production designer, and a sound designer, but the ads have been placed and the prayers are going up!

the production company is called backburner films. you can read the synopsis of the film, titled say hello to clive for me, as well as find out how to apply for a position or be an investor.

so far my responsibilities include:

1) reading the script ’til i know it backward and forward,

2) getting to know the characters, or at least getting a sense of who they are and where they come from,

3) making a list of every person who is in the film, whether they speak or simply hang out in the background,

4) writing character sketches to be used by the actors as a basis for their performances (this is the fun part. i admit, it was a bit daunting initially, but my first draft of one of the main characters went over well with the director and a couple of the writers -- the third has stepped back for the remainder of the process -- so that was a relief),

5) contacting talent agencies and acquiring talent,

6) holding auditions, and

7) casting the actors, as well as working with them throughout the rehearsal stage and the shooting.

so, really, not much. ;)

i'm totally psyched about this opportunity. the script is good, and the team (as it exists so far) has a very good handle on how to go about doing what needs to be done to make it happen. an important detail, if you ask me. in addition, they’re good people. it’s always good to work with good people.

wish us luck!

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Scott said...

Cool beans! You'll have to keep everyone appraised of the film's progress via your blog! ;-)