to walk or not to walk?

that is the question. last summer i participated in the susan g. komen breast cancer 3-day walk. it was an amazing experience, but it was one i wasn’t sure if i wanted to repeat. however, as time has passed and i have had a chance to look back on it, i am thinking that it is something i should do again. i’ve got the gear and the clothes, so all i’d have to do is raise $2,100 between now and the end of september.

the question is, who will walk with me? last year, a dear friend from church made the trek with me. however, she has vowed that she will not do it again. it was a more difficult experience for her physically than it was for me. so, i’ve asked two of my friends to seriously consider it. if they both say yes, great! then we’ll see if we can find a fourth person to be a tent buddy to one of us for the weekend. if they both say no, i’ve got some thinking to do.

walking sixty miles over three days is not an easy task, and one of the things that made it so easy last year was the fact that i had a good friend to talk with as i walked. the cause is so worthwhile, i feel as though i should do it regardless of whether or not my friends join in. and yet, i don’t know if i could do it without knowing who i’d end up talking to throughout the day, or who i’d be bunking with at night. then again, i could meet some really amazing new people that way.

if you’re curious about the walk, click on the breast cancer 3-day link on the right, under “good stuff.”

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