doot ‘n’ doo doo . . .

here comes the sun!

it’s amazing how my mood shifts when the sun makes an appearance. even moreso when it’s accompanied by honest-to-goodness warmth. today the temperature is expected to hit 68 and i’m wearing short sleeves. bye-bye, wool coat!


Scott said...

It's pretty warm here too. Now if it would just stay this way, and we get a couple or three good rain showers to wash the salt off the roads, I'll be a happy boy!

mar said...

i hope it's like this tomorrow, too! my last day off before i start my new job.

Anonymous said...

I heart Amo, Natalie Portman, and Zach Braff. I'm not a huge Ryan Gosling fan, but I'm learning to adapt.

Amo's secret(or not so secret)Admire-er

How do you spell that?

Brad J.

amo said...

hey, you!

how did you find your way here?

glad you stopped in.

everyone, meet mr. bradley j. pitt. ;) he rocks the casbah!!

mdog said...

it's 'pposed to be 75 here tomorrow!!!

[if only my building was EVER warmer than 70... meh!]

but still. yay!