“obey your amo.”

i’ve added a few game links over by dere, my favorite of which is sloganize. just type in your name, nickname, or a random object and see what pops up. they have a library of thousands of product slogans, and the computer inputs your word into each and every one, as long as you keep clicking the “sloganize” button. in addition to the slogan that titles this post, others i enjoyed were:

“get serious. get amo”
“i am stuck on amo, ’cause amo’s stuck on me”
“the curiously strong amo”
“come see the softer side of amo”
“snap! crackle! amo!”

the games list may grow in time. for now, enjoy!


Stuart Shea said...

Hmm. My first try on the sloganize site turned out the charming, "NOTHING SUCKS LIKE A STUART SHEA." Perhaps that's one I should stick with...

amo said...

lol. yeah, i had a few others i chose not to post here.

just know, stu, that you do not suck!

mar said...

it had been a while (i have this link up on my myspace page), so here goes:

Absolut Maren

mar said...

how come it only shows there's one comment on your front page?

amo said...

i don't know why. i posted my comment the day after stu posted his, but id didn't show up until you posted. odd . . .

before i posted this one, it said there were four comments, though, so hopefully things are back on track.

and i like the "absolut maren" slogan! :)

mdog said...

i've found that you usually have to hit refresh to update any new blogger comments, on both the entry itself as well as the main page.


"I Like the Mdog in You"

mar said...

that's what was so weird. i hit refresh about 3 times & it still only showed the one comment until i hit 'post comment' to check & now they're showing up since amo's 5th comment on this post.