amo is . . .

this is a fun idea i saw on montana mana's blog. google “(your name) is” and see what comes up. here are a few of my results:

amo is a top student chef.

amo is a chicago-based actor, model, and makeup artist specializing in fashion and theatre productions.

amo is affectionate.

amo is involved at her children’s school as room parent.

amo is also extremely intelligent, holding a degree in sports psychology.

click here to find out why amo is different.

amo is a stay-at-home mom, a bible study leader, and a staunch republican.

amo is also an established writer.

amo is my soulmate and best friend.

amo is self-taught with a background in fashion illustration.

amo is a large woman.
(hey, now . . .)

amo is regularly featured in the press and on tv.

amo is quiet.

amo is the inspiration behind my newfound love for yoga.

amo is a professional boxer who has overcome tremendous odds just to be walking today.

amo is pure light.

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mar said...

yeah, i've done that one before. you can learn some very odd things about 'yourself'

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