what a blast

from the past, that is.

so i’m sitting in my office, working away on homecoming prep. nothing out of the ordinary, really, just another day in the life of alumni relations at npu. but then, a voice is heard at my door. a man saying, “yeah, i’ve got some alumni information i need to share.” i look up and, lo and behold, there stands my first boyfriend. whoa. my. first. boyfriend. my first kiss. my first heartbreak. all wrapped up in one blue-eyed, smiley-faced, now-married-with-child man. and he is a man now. he’s not the skinny college boy i once knew. he’s beefed up a bit (in a good way), settled down a lot, and grown up even more. to my pleasant surprise, it was good to see him.


guess i grew up somewhere along the way, too.

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