november first. it hardly seems possible. while i often struggle with saying “farewell” to the warmth of summer, the transformation to chillier climes has been more gradual this year. i appreciate this and, as a result, have taken a few opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fall colors, both in chicago and in northern wisconsin. unfortunately i am not, at this point in time, in possession of a working camera, so i borrowed the above image from jocelyn. i hope she doesn’t mind.

saturday was a beautiful, brisk, sun-shiney day, so phrysque and i took a trip to the botanic gardens. seeing the vibrant golds, reds, and oranges, i was amazed by how many shades of color there are and how beautiful our natural surroundings are, even when not in full bloom. god really does know what he’s doing.


Nancy Fisher said...

If you like Autumn at the Botanic Garden, wait until you see the BG in the "colors of Winter!" (One of my favorite places.)

amo said...

i'll make a mental note to return in a couple of months! thanks!

Anonymous said...

what a sexy, colorful, melancholy, cheerful tree that is. breathtaking. -rachel

amo said...

welcome, rachel!

(are you mdog's friend?)