scott recently updated his readers on his life, and i thought it might be a good idea to do so, as well. especially considering the fact that the original point of this blog was to keep my far-away friends in the know.

first, i’d just like to recount a cute story about my pastor. this past monday, which was martin luther king, jr. day, my pastor participated in a service commemorating dr. king. during his meditation, he mentioned that he scanned, for the first time, a weblog. only he didn’t pronounce it “web-log.” he pronounced it “wee-blog.” hee. it made me smile.

okay, back to the update:

the small group in which i sing, cantate, is back to rehearsing after a seven-month hiatus. we will be singing two concerts over the weekend of march third. our first rehearsal was about a week ago, and it was really fun to sing with those people again.

things at work are still pretty much the same, though the board is meeting today to discuss the possibility of adding a second position to my office, which would make my job a whole lot easier. i’m still not looking to stay, but the person i have in mind to be my counterpart would be perfect for the position. unfortunately, the fate of that position rests in the hands of people who, i’m sure, could easily find another place to allocate that money. so i’m praying that they open their hearts to this idea.

even though my days are less than stellar, some of them are brightened by lunch dates with phrysque, and are almost always ended with a nice evening of dinner and talking with him. we’ve recently begun doing daily devotions together, as well, which is something i feel can only enhance the relationship we already have.

i’m still working at the teen center, and there are some nights i enjoy it and others i don’t. part of me knows i could get by without the part-time job. so it’s just a matter of deciding whether or not it’s worth my time and energy. i still like the kids, and most of the staff are easy to work with. it’s just having one (and sometimes two) evening of my weekend taken up. i see my friends so rarely as it is. okay, now i’m just whining.

i think that’s enough of an update for now. have a great weekend!

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