i was informed yesterday that, instead of posting the job description for a co-director for my office, two of the vice presidents appointed someone without consulting me. i am insulted by this and drafted a letter to said vps, copying my poor supervisor, who feels as though it is her fault. it is not. this went above both of our heads. i will re-read my draft today and decide whether or not it is too harsh. perhaps i’ll tone it down a bit. perhaps.


mdog said...

just WRONG. can you even DO that legally??


did you send it?

mdog said...

er, that would be 'can THEY even do that legally'... hrrrmph.

amo said...

apparently, they can--and did--do it legally. i sent the email around 3:15 yesterday. at 3:20, one of the two vps to whom it was addressed called, asking me to visit him. so i did, along with my supervisor (also by the vp's request). he tried to justify himself by claiming lack of time to fill me in and the need to keep things "hush hush." what am i, six? i'm not going to blab to the world the name of a person being considered for a position before it is to be made common knowledge. and how long does it take to fill someone in on the possibility of change? i'm thinking five, ten minutes. TOPS. bogus.

apparently, the deal is not as done as they thought (they are meeting opposition from the department this person is leaving), and i've been told there may still be a need for a traditional interview process.

i'm not holding my breath.