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phrysque has been in japan for almost a week. he went to be in the wedding of one of his best friends from college. sixteen hours on two planes . . . that’s friendship! while he has been gone, our contact has consisted only of brief emails in which the days are confused due to the fifteen-hour time difference. tokyo is fifteen hours ahead of chicago. so, as I type this, it is almost three thirty am tuesday in tokyo. so interesting.

anyway, phrysque decided yesterday (today?) that he would call me at five am his time (which was five am monday) though it was only two pm sunday my time. crazy, wonderful man. he called my cell phone after leaving two messages on my home phone. i was en route to a shopping trip with a group of girls who are in the wedding of one of the girls (did that make sense? there really was no easy way to type it). the phone rang, and as i looked at the number and said, “what is this number? 1-000-012-3456?” three girls shrieked, “IT MIGHT BE JAPAN!” which i knew meant, “it might be phrysque!” seeing as the entire country of japan has no reason to call me. sure enough, it was him.

we talked for a few minutes, and his voice was muffled since he was calling via the internet on a computer in his hotel’s lobby, so a lot of the conversation consisted of me saying, “i’m sorry, can you say that again?” but it was good to talk with him nonetheless. he will be home on wednesday, and i’m looking forward to it. in the meantime, i have enjoyed some nice im conversations with his dad, as we have kept each other up on who has heard what from our world traveler.

here are some of the pictures he has sent:

“scramble square”: five roads converge. there is a traffic rotation just for walking. the intersection floods with people going every direction. all the cars stop. this is one of the buildings with a tv on its side.
this building houses the biggest tv station in japan. the sphere is actually offices connected to the building.

rainbow bridge: over the tokyo bay area.

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