we made a movie!

so today, four of us movie folk went to the theatre at which we will be holding the premiere of “say hello to clive for me.” we met the owner, who is an alumnus of the school from which we all graduated, and watched twenty minutes of the film. granted, there was no audio, but even without it, as soon as i saw the first scene pop up on that enormous screen, i was mesmerized.

after leaving the theatre, which is a beautifully preserved, art deco-designed space built in 1928, we were giddy with excitement. the film looked amazing up on the screen, and the quality surpassed all of our hopes. it actually looks like a real movie! we sat in subway, all smiles and giggles (yes, the men giggled), and the words “we made a movie!” were repeated often and with a level of excitement that increased with each declaration.

the premiere will take place on tuesday, april 11, and i’m sure i’ll write more on that in the next few weeks. right now i have to go and work on the guest list—don’t want to forget anyone!


mdog said...

how exciting!



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