a day at the pier

tuesday’s staff outing was great fun. the weather was sunny and seventy-four, and everyone was able to be there. megan drove us in a school van down lakeshore drive to navy pier. once there we ate at charlie’s ale house, a delicious and vegetarian-friendly alternative to the all-meat menu of the billy goat tavern. nicole, our fearless leader and resident veggie girl, was happy about that one. that's her in the green; see the smile?

after lunch the eleven of us—

britta and christine

deb and josh

lilian and megan

michele and nicole

rick and sue

and i — headed outside to the mini-golf course to play eighteen holes beneath the giant ferris wheel. in our group of four (deb, lilian, rick, and myself, in the photo on the left), rick and i tied for “winner,” with a whopping score of fifty-six. i’m proud of this fact, if only because rick has played the actual game of golf on more than a few occasions.

from the golf course to the carousel. because it was our day off, and because acting our ages was not a requirement for participation, most of us jumped on the carousel. however, due to our actual adult-ness, we were relegated to riding only in a sleigh or on the immovable animals. still good, silly fun.

and on to the wave swinger. megan, sue, and michele sat this one out, which was actually a good thing, because now we have pictures!

at least we were smart about the order of things. we made our pit-stop at ben & jerry’s after riding the stomach-tossing contraption! nicole refrained, claiming to be an “old fart” and not feeling all that hot after getting off the wave swinger.

no ice cream for nicole!

the rest of us enjoyed some, though!

at 3:30 we headed home, having enjoyed each others' company and one small aspect of the great city of chicago!

we'll be back!


mdog said...

some of your pictures are all smooshy. why are they smooshy? smoosh.

glad you had fun!

amo said...

because i'm a technological dimwit . . . i wanted them all to appear the same size, so i distorted some of them. if you click on them, they'll pop back to their actual size/dimensions (but i'm sure you knew that). ;)