no rest for the wicked

i’ve never really understood this phrase and, after this past weekend, i somewhat resent it. the past two days have been filled with social gatherings of various types, all of which were great fun but that happened so closely together i didn’t get much of a chance to have any downtime. but am i wicked? i think not.

friday night, phrysque and i went to a cinco de mayo party held by one of our friends who had just moved into a new apartment. it was a low-key evening, but still required social energy. we didn’t stay very late.

saturday morning, i was up at 7:30 to get ready to pick up lurleen for a day at the chicago premium outlet mall (where i did not purchase any shoes, thankyouverymuch). it was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed walking around the outdoor mall, eating lunch in the sun, and just hanging out. haven’t done that in a while.

when we got back from the mall, i dropped her at home and headed back to my place, put away the things i did buy, started a load of laundry, and had a thought that i would take a nap. then i called phrysque, who said he was going to shower before stopping by, as he had been washing dishes for four hours. FOUR. that’s a whole other story. anyway, after hanging up with him, i called my cousin t, who said she was in need of some social time, so i invited her to join phrysque and me as we journeyed out to schaumburg for a night of games with our friend mr. fontaine. she agreed, which was great, but which also cut my resting time down, since we had to leave earlier to pick her up. we finally got to fontaine’s at 7:15 and stayed there, playing games and enjoying the company of new faces, until 12:40. well, phrysque and t did. i zonked out at 10:30 until they woke me up so we could go home. it took us an hour to get back, so i was finally in bed by 2:00 or so.

sunday morning, i awoke at 8:00 to get ready to head out to rockford to spend the day with phrysque and his family. his birthday is this coming wednesday, so we celebrated that, as well as an early mother’s day for his mom and sister. it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we were served a delicious grilled-steak meal for lunch followed by a tasty yellow-cake-and-meringue tort for dessert. i couldn’t fathom eating anything for at least a day after all of that! after dinner we took a brisk walk through their neighborhood and then a saunter through their garden, looking at the beautiful and varied plants, flowers, and trees they have. it was really nice to have a relaxed afternoon with phrysque’s parents and be able to get to know them further. as i do so, i can see where phrysque gets the various parts of his personality—it’s really neat to see. we were at their place until about 10:15, which got us back to chicago around 11:45.

no rest for the wicked? i prefer no rest for the weary.



anti-wroothe said...

You are about as far from wicked as one can get! And yes, I DO read your blog. So interested to hear about what you are doing and thinking. Makes my old gray head spin. Hope you get the accolades you deserve for all of your hard work at the commencements. Love you.
(Borrowing my identity from your genius friend.)

amo said...

ah, so clever you are!! :D glad to see you stop in every so often. love you, too.