random condo occurrences

apparently i did move to the country. or, rather, the country moved to me. as i was getting ready for church yesterday morning, i heard a dog barking, followed by nothing other than a rooster squawking and screeching. i looked out my window and saw one of my neighbors’ dogs, leash flailing behind him, chasing a real rooster just below my bedroom windows. wha-a-a??? the city never ceases to surprise me!

the day before, i drove past a little duck pond in my complex and saw a man fishing out of it. as far as i know, there are no fish in that pond, so i am curious as to what he hoped to catch. a frog? an old shoe? some goose poop?

so bizarre.

so “glad” to return to the real world of work. whee . . .

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melveeta said...

maybe you brought the rooster back with you....???