family fun

this summer has been chock full of fun and travel and time with family and friends. for this and by this—and many other things—i am so blessed. this past weekend, david and i drove back up to his parents’ lake house in michigan. both of his sisters were there with their families, and we enjoyed the rare chance to be in the same place at the same time. the weather was beautiful, the company was wonderful, and the photo ops were abundant.

other than david’s mom accidentally calling me her daughter-in-law, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. well, that’s not totally true. it was full of events worth talking about. emily celebrated her upcoming fifth birthday (which is actually today—happy birthday, emily!). nathan, two, jumped off the community raft into the water with reckless abandon (and the aid of a life jacket) over and over. katie, ten months, squealed with delight, crawled around, and pulled herself up into a standing position, twice grabbing david’s leg hair for assistance. laura, three months, cuddled and slept, and smiled eagerly when people talked to her. and peter and martha celebrated forty years of life and love, though they both dodged son-in-law brad’s questions about their early years as young courters.

these pictures were taken by me and, while good, are not as good as those taken by david’s keen eye and swift finger. i’ll share some of those once i get them onto my computer. for now, these will have to do.

emily and laura cuddle on the couch

katie happily claps two rings together

nathan gets a ride from uncle david


happy, happy


elm said...

cute, cute, CUTE! all of those pics. and HOORAY for Peter & Susanna and WHOOPEEEE for my man Isaak!

i can't wait until you post more of Dave's family weekend photos. :)

Small Moments of Sanity said...

could you two get anymore cute???? love the fam pics too.. CUTE kiddos. i have a feeling "cute" is going to be the word for this post..... hehe

oh.. and just a funny side note: the word verification for this post is blrup. is that a burp with some saliva??