one hundred things

1 i like making lists.
2 people think i’m weird because i like making lists.
3 i often sing aloud to music playing in my car.
4 i do not, however, sing in the shower.
5 i love my family. every single one of ’em!
6 summer flies too quickly for my tastes.
7 i’m a stickler for grammar and spelling.
8 i don’t ride my bike nearly enough.
9 i’ve finally admitted that i have a *slight* obsession with shoes.
10 despite my job description, i’m much more of an introvert than an extravert.
11 i am a christian, and i sometimes struggle with how to be one.
12 i bruise easily.
13 i have an abnormal memory for entertainment trivia.
14 guns scare me.
15 so do motorcycles.
16 and tom cruise.
17 whoever thought it was a good idea for me to do this was an idiot.
18 that “whoever” would be me.
19 i’m often surprised by love.
20 cubs baseball is the only sport you’ll catch me watching.
21 i’m more high-maintenance than i’d like people (or myself) to think i am.
22 i love getting pedicures (see 21).
23 sometimes when i’m alone, the tune for the hymn “o breath of life” pops into my head.
24 i love me a good hymn sing.
25 living in chicago is incredible; i just wish i took advantage of its offerings more.
26 before people get to know me, they sometimes assume i’m conceited.
27 i’m going to start working out on a regular basis at my gym.
28 i AM.
29 my tastes in music are broad, ranging from pop to classical, jazz to country.
30 some day i’d like to own a dog. or two.
31 i lived in florida for eight months five years ago and have very little desire to go back.
32 i lived in sweden for six months twelve years ago and have every intention of going back.
33 i can’t dance to save my life.
34 i enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a stressful day.
35 i wish i hadn’t quit piano lessons during my freshman year of high school.
36 my thumb is as black as the day is long.
37 my mother’s plants have suffered as a result of this fact.
38 when i was a kid i wanted to be a veterinarian, a teacher, or an actress.
39 i often wish my blog were more interesting.
40 in a mere seven years, i will be this old.
41 i know how to make myself burp.
42 modern art often eludes me.
43 i’m a relatively good judge of character.
44 it is not in my nature to be a daredevil.
45 i’m extremely ticklish in some places, not so much in others.
46 i like beer.
47 my favorite ice cream is ben & jerry’s coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz.
48 i was bitten by a squirrel when i was seven years old, and by a dog when i was eleven.
49 i still love animals in spite of 48.
50 i love google; you can find anything there.
51 this year i became much more comfortable in my own skin.
52 i have no known allergies.
53 i’m learning how to give honest answers, even if it’s not what the one asking wants to hear.
54 i drive a two-door honda civic.
55 i had been involved in two car accidents by the time i was old enough to drive.
56 i’ve never understood why people name their cars.
57 new brakes are not cheap.
58 lunch at tre kronor with the girls is great fun, even if you do leave smelling like a swedish pancake.
59 i love the idea of cooking; i do not, however, love to cook.
60 spiders give me the creeps.
61 i purchased my first two christmas presents this week.
62 sappy movies make me cry. easily.
63 plane tickets cost too much.
64 i wish i ate better.
65 change is not always easy for me.
66 i start to yawn every afternoon around 3:00.
67 even though i love the city, small-town life has a lot of appeal for me.
68 i never think people remember who i am.
69 i like to drive with the windows wide open on warm summer days.
70 my goal lately has been to simplify and scale down.
71 when i was in college i did a six-week internship on “the danny bonaduce show.”
72 this is the year i was born.
73 even when i think life is hard, i stop and remind myself that my life is really dang easy compared to that of a lot of other people.
74 the fact that i can’t update and edit my blog on my home computer as easily as i can at work bugs me.
75 i’m good with directions.
76 i used to be a freckle-faced kid. now i’m a freckle-shouldered adult.
77 cystic acne was the source of much frustration, pain, and low self-esteem for a good (and by “good” i mean substantial) thirteen years of my life.
78 i look forward to the days of being a wife and mother.
79 as much as i love to read, i nearly always fall asleep while i’m doing it.
80 my dream car starts with “volvo” and ends with “s40.”
81 if i could change something about me, i’d be more athletic in my body and less self-deprecating in my humor.
82 i believe there is a song—or a song lyric—for every occasion.
83 if i had extra money laying around i’d take voice lessons.
84 people often think i’m younger than i am.
85 i would much prefer to be warm than cold.
86 past friendships gone bad have made me cautious in my current friendships.
87 i’m a neat freak.
88 my swedish stomach does not do well with spicy foods.
89 my skin isn’t always as thick as i’d like to think it is.
90 my life is filled with admirable people, both in my family and in my friendships.
91 in a lot of respects, i was a late bloomer. this used to bother me, but now i’m thankful for it.
92 i own rollerblades. i have used them twice in ten years.
93 it makes me sad that, soon, i will not be able to leave my windows open for fresh air.
94 while i’m not a great fan of adult cats, i adore kittens.
95 bad drivers make me crazy.
96 a life-long career is not something i’ve ever seen for myself.
97 sometimes i take myself too seriously.
98 i speak a little swedish, but not as much as i wish i did.
99 bottles of beer on the wall . . . 99 bottles of beer! take one down, pass it aro-- (oh, come on. gimme a break. one hundred is a lotta stuff!)
100 i have become keenly aware that god doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, nor does he give us things we need (or want) before we are ready for them.


melissa & steven said...

56. molly malibu has been named such because it is much easier for me to pay to own her each month - and fork over wads of cash to fix her - if i think of her as having a personality. otherwise she would just be my dagblasted get-around-town-mobile.

98. i think you speak the perfect amount of swedish. you were able to help me purchase coffee the other night, and that's the important thing.

melissa & steven said...

i'm such a conflicted soul. i love the hum of the el and cafe selmarie, but i'd give it all up on other days to run barefoot with the kiddos (i like calling my imaginary kids that) in the backyard. i should probably stop talking about the fake kids before people who haven't ever met me really think i'm a total nutcase.

MeganBritt said...

this is truly a beautiful thing.

mar said...

nifty. i just posted an a to z list on my other blog, but this definitely tops it. by nearly 4 times!

amo's brother said...

1. i’ve never listed 100 of anything before.
2. i should floss more often than i do.
3. i don’t mind that i’m going gray.
4. every girl i have ever dated has had a first name that ends with “a”.
5. i don’t like melons.
6. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a cartoonist.
7. oh… i don’t like canteloupe, either. is that a melon?
8. i really do like my job.
9. i never imagined my son would end up being such a good buddy.
10. i don’t own a cell phone.
11. i’m hooked on lost.
12. i used a jackhammer for the first and hopefully last time this summer.
13. i hate hot weather.
14. coke, not pepsi. if all you have is pepsi, then root beer.
15. i can’t stop biting my fingernails.
16. i mean, c’mon… who was cooler than sinatra?
17. …ok, maybe steve mcqueen.
18. i really have no need to see graceland before i die.
19. …or vegas, for that matter.
20. i prefer trains to airplanes.
21. if i had been a pro basketball player, this would have been my number.
22. i don’t know much about art, but i know what i like.
23. ryno, mj… shaun gayle.
24. please don’t interrupt me in mid-sentence unless you have to push me out of the way of a speeding bus.
25. i’m pretty good with names.
26. one of these days i’m going to run a marathon.
27. i don’t get the whole pants-below-the-butt thing.
28. my sister is pretty cool.
29. i always wash my hair first when i take a shower.
30. whoa… déjà vu!
31. i just don’t think brad pitt is a very good actor.
32. i’ve split my chin open three times.
33. every light in my house has a dimmer switch.
34. i just started drinking coffee this past christmas.
35. i haven’t had a haircut since this past christmas.
36. i try to live a thankful life.
37. as hard as it is to choose… pacino, not deniro.
38. …but newman is my all-time favorite.
39. if we have to get a bigger car, i’d rather have a station wagon than a minivan.
40. mmmm…. beeeeeer.
41. ouch! paper cut.
42. i often don’t have enough confidence in myself.
43. is it 2008 yet?
44. if i won $100 million, the first thing i would do is pay back my parents for all the food i ate.
45. i have restless legs syndrome.
46. thank god the cardinals didn’t make it to the world series to play the white sox last year, because i wouldn’t have known who to root against.
47. chunky monkey would be the perfect ben & jerry’s flavor if the walnuts were pecans.
48. approximately 35% of the plants i buy don’t make it.
49. i can’t watch graphic movie violence.
50. i’m proud to be from chicago.
51. letterman, not leno.
52. i want to be cremated when i die.
53. i have this funny little spot on the bottom of my right foot where i occasionally get the sensation of stepping on a pebble or something else small and pointy, and get this: it only happens when i’m in the shower.
54. the emoticon i use most often is the little slanty-mouthed guy. :-/
55. i share a birthday with engelbert humperdinck.
56. i still don’t understand how telephones can possibly work.
57. i sneeze like an elephant.
58. john coltrane was a freakin’ genius.
59. …and ella fitzgerald was a goddess.
60. i believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
61. mayo, not mustard.
62. i’m going to be sad when my son is too big to ride on my shoulders.
63. i arrange my cd collection by genre, then alphabetical order, then year of release—except for classical, which i arrange by the scope of the work. yes, really.
64. hang up and drive. please.
65. i once took a pee while wearing a live body mike.
66. i came close to flunking chemistry in high school.
67. i stopped sacrificing comfort for fashion a long, long time ago.
68. do we really need another jackass movie?
69. the year i was born.
70. i hug the right side of the road when i drive.
71. larry the cable who?
72. it takes me a good half hour to wake up from a nap.
73. boy, could i use a nap.
74. another toughie, but… the stones, not the beatles.
75. i don’t understand how some people can be so mean to their kids.
76. i cry every time robert redford hits that home run at the end of the natural.
77. i think the legal driving age should be changed to 18.
78. for an english major, i’m at a loss for words way too often.
79. i wish my wrists weren’t so skinny.
80. let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone.
81. but i wanted to play legolas!
82. i’ve locked myself out of my car with the engine running… twice.
83. my left side is my good side.
84. i knew invasion was going to tank after one season.
85. i only own two ties.
86. i become frustrated too easily.
87. cgi talking babies freak me out.
88. i’m a huge monty python fan… but sometimes even i don’t get it.
89. boxers, not briefs.
90. i think i have a funny speaking voice.
91. my wife is my best friend.
92. see #80 if you want to know where i stand on capital punishment.
93. i just watched thx 1138 and american grafitti back-to-back, and i’ve decided that whoever it is that is saying he is george lucas these days is actually an imposter who killed george lucas in 1983.
94. i hate confrontation.
95. i have separate paper clip tins on my desk at work; one for large, one for small.
96. i’m psyched to be a dad again.
97. my knees hurt.
98. i drive more agressively when i’m the only one in the car.
99. this is the most i’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes.
100. whose idea was this, anyway?


amo said...

that's incredible, petey! you really must have needed to procrastinate on something to do that!

but, um . . . just "pretty cool"? ;)

mar--i like the a-z idea. i'll have to do that another day.

Small Moments of Sanity said...

yay! you did one too... i love this. so much fun to read and you learn a lot about yourself too. :)