the breakfast club?

we really are the brunch club. really. even though we have yet to actually partake of brunch together. our first outing was lunch at tre kronor. our second, this past weekend, was breakfast at café selmarie. our intention was to try a place none of us had ever been to before, kitschn, but the combination of melissa’s car’s need for gas, my need for cash, the crazy construction at western and lawrence, and audrey’s need to be on her way home by eleven nipped that in the bud right quick (bravo to kjersten for having no special needs and no agenda). seeing as we were just around the corner from café selmarie when we realized we were only half-way to kitschn and the time was fast approaching nine-thirty, we decided to eat there instead. this was not, in any way, a disappointment. café selmarie is a fun little restaurant/bakery, with delicious and varied food offerings, the best coffee in lincoln square, and art for sale by local artists decorating the walls.

kjersten, ann-marie, melissa, and audrey

we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and, as i believe will become our custom, we got our server to take a picture of us.


melissa & steven said...

aren't we just so cute. although apparently i missed the memo that we'd be the turtleneck club.... ;)

elm said...

so stinkin' cute!!!
and i'm so stinkin' busy. sorry i haven't gotten back to you, amo. i will one of these days...