it's love thursday again?

having love thursday to look forward to makes my week go just that much faster, for which i am thankful. reading others’ stories of love of all kinds makes for a happier day, too. although i should be posting pictures from david’s niece’s birthday party yesterday (happy birthday, katie!), i promised some very dear friends of mine that i would post the following photos and story about them this week.

valerie is one of my oldest and dearest friends from high school. we experienced so much together during our years at von steuben. when valerie went to college out of state we lost touch for a bit, but once we regained regular contact, it was like no time had passed. about six and a half years ago, she married greg, who is her perfect complement.

over the past few months, valerie and greg have been going through the adoption process with an agency in guatemala. oh, did i mention that valerie spent much of her time in college on mission trips to guatemala and that she is fluent in spanish? well, she did, and she is. in august, valerie and greg were told they have a son! they were able to travel to guatemala to see him for the first time and spend five days in a hotel with him and no one else. they named him gabriel (devoted to god) david (beloved), and he is a beautiful boy.

so now they are in a time of waiting. they will travel to see him again in a week, but say they are already dreading having to leave him when they come back to the states. the love they feel for him already is so powerful and so evident. it’s amazing. if you’re the praying type, please join me as i pray for a speedy court process. it is estimated that valerie and greg will be able to bring gabriel home sometime between january and march 2007, but having it happen sooner would be warmly received by these new parents.

i thank you and valerie and greg (and gabriel) thank you.

love thursdays was started by karen and irene. mad props, ladies. mad props.


cnedaria said...

Lovely post. Congratulations to them and to you for having good friends like that. May the wait for the homecoming be short! Happy Love Thursday!

1girl2boys said...

Congrats to them on their new baby. Sending vibes for a really short wait.

Happy Love Thursday!

PastorMac's Ann said...

That's fantastic. He's a good looking boy! How wonderful for them. Happy Love Thursday!

KaY said...

I do hope that they will be able to have their lil bundle of joy real soon.

Happy LT! Mine's up!