weekend o' fun

last week david and i were trying to come up with ideas for a halloween costume. yes, we’re one of those couples that likes to do the couples costume thing. last year we attempted bonnie and clyde, but i had to work at the teen center until eleven, so clyde was at the party sans bonnie until nearly eleven forty-five, by which time the awards for best costume had already been given out to a well-deserving shrek and fiona and costume photos had been taken.

tired of waiting around for bonnie, clyde takes a seat

but back to this year. thanks to a suggestion by my colleague, rick, david and i decided to go as calvin and hobbes. when friday night came, however, david was as sick as could be. he’d missed three days of work and was in no shape to go out. we forewent the party and watched a prairie home companion. when david woke up on saturday, the sickness had left his body, minus a bit of a cough, and he was feeling two-hundred percent better. he emailed his friend and the party’s co-host, zach, apologizing for having to miss the fun the night before. zach replied that we hadn’t missed anything—the party was on saturday night!

so we spent saturday scrambling to get the finishing touches for our costumes, and i think we did pretty well. i mean, it wasn’t david’s fault that the “yellow” hair spray he bought was actually fluorescent green! you can see that our weemes, which i have now posted in on the right, reflect our costumes (at least as much as the weeme wardrobe options will allow). anytime one of us changes our weeme, the changes will be reflected there. i think that’s just about the funnest thing ever.

the party was great fun even though very few people got our costume without considerable help. our hosts were dressed as he-man and she-ra, and they won their own award! second place was awarded to batman. i think we came in fourth or fifth. not too bad for not even rating the year before!

[photo of calvin and hobbes to come!]

it wasn’t until i had picked up my friend megan at the airport this morning and was driving to work that i noticed an odd, greenish glow out of the corner of my eye. what on earth? oh . . . whew. it’s not alien goo. it’s just a little memento left behind by calvin. hilarious.


MeganBritt said...

teach a girl to make a wee mee and she'll go crazy, what can i say?


but, i think you should teach this girl how to put her wee self permanently on the side bar of her blog. :) then she can be dressed up all the time, for all occassions!

mar said...

cute (wee) costumes! i'm sure they were cuter in person!