i feel so naked

my guess is that it is not a good thing when the diamond in your new engagement ring rattles. and it’s definitely not a good thing when you use your fingernail to pop one of the channel-set diamonds into place, especially when you didn’t even realize it was loose to begin with.

david feared he’d bought me a bum ring, but i wasn’t worried. we brought it to the jeweler today at lunch and their resident expert, upon looking at the ring, said, “those are really nice stones!” after a closer look he said he would have to have someone else check each setting and tighten everything up. great, i thought. then he told me it will take a week, at least. bummer.

as we left, i frowned and said, “good-bye, ring.” david took my left hand in his and, feeling my ring finger, said, “it feels weird not to have it there.” you’re tellin’ me!


jacks said...

I felt the same way when I had to have my ring sized down. It was so weird!

I also went for about 2 days without it before the wedding. I didn't want to have to part with it after I was married, so N took my engagement ring in, along with my wedding band, and had them soldered together before the wedding.

Kjersten & Michael said...

I've been there! Dropping the ring off to get sized, trusting it in someone else's hands...VERY CHALLENGING! And then of course there is always that wave of panick I experience every time I take my rings off to put on hand lotion or something and temporarily "forgot where I put them".

amo said...

i'm not so nervous about having left it with the jeweler, except for the fact that we haven't yet insured it. :|

Kelly said...

Ug. I know your pain! I had to have the sapphire in my engagement ring tightened, and that week passed sooo slooowly.