wedding fever!

here is a list of couples i know, other than david and me, getting married in 2007:

february 3: jennifer and aaron
may 19: natalie and justin
may 26: brianne and torin
..........beth and scott
june 2: alli and luke

june 15: shelby and scott
june 30: sharon and chris

careful, folks! it might be catching!

edit: and how could i forget? our friends krista and mark welcomed axel johan last night.

i definitely hope that's not catching! ;)


jacks said...

I hope that last part IS catching!! Well...for me, anyway!! ;)

amo said...

sweet! :D

Small Moments of Sanity said...

i'd like the first half of that to catch before the second half. ;)

kate setzer kamphausen said...

"Axel"?! That's so incredibly awesome!!!

amo said...

nice to see you have the order of events, well, in order, melsie! :)

the name "axel" rocks (and no, that's not because of axl rose)!