four things

melissa sent this email to me today, and i thought it was fun. at any rate, it was a distraction from work.

four jobs i have had in my life
1- tour guide at the museum of science & industry: i thought it would be the job that would spur me on to pursue full-time stage performance in chicago. it’s the only job i’ve quit and walked out on on the spot (shhh . . . don’t tell my dad!).
2- counselor/lifeguard at camp squanto, swanzey, new hampshire: i miss those days.
3- sales associate at limited too, eddie bauer, and j. jill: it took me three attempts at retail to finally realize how much i truly loathe it.
4- research editor for streetwise maps: it was my ticket out of cold, snowy chicago. basically, i wintered in sarasota, florida, for a season. i missed my home community and came back, but i have no regrets.

four movies i would watch over and over
1- any of the harry potter movies
2- that thing you do!
3- the sixth sense
4- bend it like beckham

four places i have lived
1- a dorm room at svf in sweden
2- a little one-bedroom apartment in sarasota, florida
3- at least five different apartments in chicago
4- my parents’ home (also in chicago)

four tv shows i love to watch
1- friends
2- ugly betty
3- frasier
4- arrested development
5- honorable mention goes to ed: this show was cancelled too soon, and i can only hope that, one day, it will be available in its entirety on dvd.

four places i have been on vacation
1- vermont
2- the oregon coast
3- a good portion of europe: this trip, which included stops in italy, germany, austria, ireland, france, and denmark, took place during a month-long christmas vacation while on exchange in sweden.
4- san francisco

four of my favorite foods
1- salmon
2- anything with cheese in, on, or around it
3- pizza
4- sweets: oh, how i am a sucker for sweets!

four places i would like to be right now
1- home
2- out shopping for wedding stuff with my mom
3- in vermont with my east-coast family
4- traveling to some fun, and preferably warm, destination

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