lovely ladies

saturday was a long day. four of my five bridesmaids—laurie, tonya, jennifer, and melissa—and i spent nearly four hours in two different bridal salons, looking at and trying on bridesmaids dresses. well, i looked and they tried on. and, truth be told, melissa did most of the trying on. a majority of the samples just happened to be in her size, and she was a patient, patient bridesmaid! as were the rest of them, who sat and watched her.

first we went to david’s bridal, where i got my dress last month. we found an absolutely adorable dress that flattered each girl’s figure and could be worn again. in the words of my friend ginny, “wear-again-able is very important!” unfortunately, the only color that flattered the girls would not have complemented my dress. boo.

on to house of brides, which tonya said “sounds like a spooky, brides-on-display place.”

“you’re thinking of the house of wax brides,” i joked. “but don’t spoil my surprise for this afternoon!”

we didn’t have an appointment at house of brides, but they allowed us to peruse their racks and try on some dresses. after many attempts at finding the right dress/right color combination, i was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. it was then that they sent a consultant our way. i explained to her what we were looking for, and she disappeared for a few minutes. when she returned, she had two dresses in her hands. the first one, while pretty, was a bit complicated, and who wants complicated clothing? the second was pretty, simple, classy, elegant, and came in “the color.” even though i hadn’t meant to, i had gotten my hopes up of finding a dress that came in a smoky purple color. and this dress comes in it. melissa tried it on in mocha and it fit her beautifully. the style will suit a variety of body shapes and sizes, and best of all, it is “wear-again-able.”

the picture at right doesn’t show the color we chose, but at least you get an idea of what it looks like. i’m sorry it’s so small, but the watters & watters site wouldn’t allow me to copy anything larger, probably for fear i would try to make it myself (you have no idea how hard i am laughing at the thought of that).

at any rate, it’s one more item checked off of the to-do list. i am so thankful to my bridesmaids for being willing to try on every dress under the sun. thanks again, my friends!

update: it just occurred to me that i could post a link to the dress's page on the watters & watters site. duh.


melissa & steven said...

hooray, dress! hooray, wear-again-able! hooray, pretty color! hooray, pretty bride! :)

jacks said...

Gorgeous dress!! They are all going to look LOVELY!

The Bramleys said...

Wow! You're making progress! Love the bridesmaids' dresses! Good luck with the rest of your planning! -Rachel

Small Moments of Sanity said...

I really am thinking it's God's will for to be getting married. Everything is just falling into place isn't it? I commented about the dress on the board. love it!