our first wedding present

even though it’s the first to be discussed, it may well be the last one we receive. my father, as some of you know, is a talented carpenter. he has built a number of pieces of furniture in my parents’ home, from a grandfather clock to twin beds to shelves to a hutch to benches to toy boxes to an entertainment center. when peter and susanna were married, he built for them a beautiful replica of a white clad brand ice box, complete with brass label and hinges. they use it to store their stereo equipment, television, and games in their living room, and it’s beautiful.

upon david’s and my engagement, the offer to have dad build a piece of furniture for us was extended (by mom, no less!). knowing my dad’s affinity for norm abrams and the new yankee workshop, we took a look there first. it didn’t take long before we saw the drawing of a hutch that we agreed would be a nice fit for whatever space we make our home (providing that space will accommodate it!). this hutch will allow us to store our heirloom china, our new wedding dishes, and any other fragile dishware we have. and it will last us forever.

dad ordered the plans and the video today. david and i have an appointment to see an apartment tomorrow afternoon. at the risk of getting my hopes up too high, i will say this much: it’s two blocks from our offices, it has three bedrooms and a small porch area, and it’s incredibly affordable. so it will be a matter of what condition it’s in, how spacious the kitchen is, and how we feel about living on the third floor when the laundry is in the basement. you can bet i’ll post to let you know what we find out.

happy friday, all!

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GORGEOUS! I'm jealous! Enjoy!