something’s bound to go wrong

i woke up late today, yes, but i was ready and out of the house in half an hour. unheard of for slowpoke ann-marie. i hopped in my car, popped in a jars of clay cd, and headed out of the garage. as i approached foster avenue, i saw that no cars were coming—in either direction—and after stopping at the stop sign i turned left with the greatest of ease. all of the lights were green as i sailed through them, bringing me to bernard, where i made a quick turn left again, as there was, again, no traffic in my way. by the time i found myself on sawyer avenue, i was sure i’d have to circle around again to find a spot, but no. there was a spot half-way down the block, and i slipped in. and all of this took place in the length of barely more than one cd track.

megan had just parked across the street, so we walked together from our cars toward the office. we stopped in at viking café, where we got coffee and juice, and i was in my office by 8:35. not bad, i say.

but i fear that the ease of the morning may give way to something more difficult during the day. way to be a pessimist, ann-marie.

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