calling all postal workers!

okay, not all of you. just the ones who will accept a bribe in exchange for early sale of stamps reflecting the upcoming postal price hike. the rest of you can go.

as part of my lunch-hour excursion today, i made a stop at a nearby post office to inquire about which stamps are currently available (all the while keeping my fingers crossed for something wedding-y and pretty, but not cutesy or cheesy) and when the price hike would be taking place. the anything-but-disgruntled postal employee showed me the options available and advised me that the hike will be effective may 14. three weeks after we need to send the invitations. great.

so while there is good news, in the sense that we are in the clear to use pre-hike stamps for the invitations, the bad news comes with putting stamps on the reply postcards. the current cost to mail a postcard is $.24. after the hike, the cost will be $.26. won’t the mixture of the common buckeye butterfly and a navajo necklace look lovely when paired up to make that happen? i’m thinking not. if there are any postal workers out there who know of a nice, new 26-cent stamp for sale and is willing to hand over, oh, say, 123 of them to me . . . i’ll make it worth your while. immunity from all neighborhood dogs? new poncho for those rainy days?

in the realm of good news are two items:

one is that we have made our reservations for our honeymoon. we’ll be spending six days in beautiful seattle, using pike street suites (thanks, melissa!) as our home base. we can’t wait!

two is that our wedding bands arrived yesterday, engraved and prêt-a-porté. david asked if its weird that he wants to wear his now. i told him it is wonderful that he wants to, but that he can’t. i’m not sure hes going to survive.

happy weekends to all!

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Alli said...

Same dillemma with the postcard stamps! I hate the moth as it is, but the combination? Ugh.

Let me know if you figure anything out. : )