two strikes

neither of the bustiers purchased yesterday will work. they fit okay, and one of the two actually looked fine with the dress. until i realized the boning was visible through the skirt. not good!

so back to schwartz’s they will go. (take that, bossy saleswoman!) another type of garment has made itself known to me, and i hope to make a trip to macy’s in the next couple of days to try one on. keep those fingers crossed for me!

we also have a hit out of the park, however, in the form of the photography studio with which david and i met last night,
timothy whaley & associates. fantastic packages and options, personable and knowledgeable staff, ideal photography style for us, and affordable, affordable, affordable! the woman we met with last night is going to email us three potential photographers’ portfolios, as well as a contract. once we choose a photographer, we can sign the contract and send it in with our down payment. we also will have the chance to meet the photog in person and have a brief session (usually the “engagement photo” session) with him/her so we can get a feel for each other.

ah, relief. thanks go to david for being so supportive and understanding even when i was in tears over this whole silly thing. it’s underwear, for crying out loud!


Anonymous said...

But it's very important underwear! :)

simplicity said...

I agree with jacks!

have you tried the bra they use at David's Bridal for trying on? That's the one I went with and loved it...just my thoughts.

ann-marie said...

the ones at david's were worse for me than anything else i've tried on. the one that was a size larger than what i've been trying on gave me cleavage in front AND back! 80

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Vickie's? That's where I found mine and it worked GREAT!

ann-marie said...

the one bustier they make that would work with my dress doesn't come in a size large enough. and the other one i see that might work is only available online, and i don't have the time to wait. thanks for the suggestion!

Stuart Shea said...

I guess it's good that David is supportive, even if your underwear is not. :)