where do the weekends go?

it seems like just yesterday i was so thankful it was friday, and now it’s minutes to monday all over again.

before i head to bed, i want to post a picture taken on saturday morning after brunch with david, megan, and emily, who was in town for saint patty’s weekend.

the four of us enjoyed good coffee and really good food at café selmarie, as well as the chance to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives for the past few months. it was so nice of emily and megan to take the time to include us in their weekend plans. emily, for those of you not aware, was once a student worker of mine, and she and i became friends (much like melissa and i did). and megan is my co-worker/friend. some days i think we have a little too much fun.

megan, david, a-m, emily

the four of us laughed a lot at very random jokes and just had fun being together. the two hours went quickly, which was nice in the sense that it showed we were having a good time, but unfortunate because it meant that david and i had to move on to more apartment painting and errand running before the whole day ran away from us.

while we were painting, david
s good friend and best man, luke, called to invite us over for dinner with him and his wife, chrissy, before heading over to melissa & steve’s for their combined birthday party. so not only did we start the day by having breakfast with good friends, but we rounded it out with dinner AND dessert with good friends. mouth- watering home-made pot roast with luke and chrissy, whose new friendship i am excited about developing, and delicious (and pretty!) tiramisu and fruit tort in celebration of the birthdays of steve and melissa, whose friendships have been and continue to be a joy in both david’s and my lives.

good friends. good times. i am feeling overwhelming contentment at this moment and expect to sleep very well. good night, all.

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elm said...

I am oh-so grateful for GREAT FRIENDS, too!!! Including you! :) Thanks for treating me to a LOVELY, well-spent breakfast/brunch. Seeing you, David, Gilmore & the others just makes me want to take advantage of my somewhat-proximity while I still can, so I'll try to pop in sometime in May, perhaps. Plus I'm dreading have 9 more weeks of school after I return from my cruise!