one can’t return from a weekend spent with my nephew without a few good isaak-isms to share.

i have two favorites from last weekend, but each needs a little set-up.

i asked isaak if he knew what uncle david’s last name was. when he said he didn’t, i told him it was f____. i then explained that, when david and i get married, i won’t be ann-marie o____ any more, i’ll be ann-marie f____. isaak thought about that for a bit and said, “oh, okay. cool.” later that night, isaak asked if i would read him his bed-time story and sing a song with him. after we had done that, as i was telling him i love him and kissing him good-night, isaak reached up and touched my face and said, “you’ll always be the same ann-marie to me . . . even after you become a f____. . . . and you’ll always be an o____ ’cause you’re in the family christmas picture!”

friday, after isaak came home from school, was the first time we were able to spend any good time with him because of the delay in our flights out. while we were waiting for dinner, he found a pad of paper and a pencil and asked if david and i wanted to play tic-tac-toe. he started out by drawing the grid, and i played him first. he chose to be “o”s, leaving me with “x”s. wouldn’t you know it, he won! he played david next, and again, isaak chose to be “o”s. and again, he won!

after a few games in which the person who was “o”s (almost always isaak) won the game, david said, “i think it’s true! the person who is ‘o’s wins!” isaak pulled me aside and whispered into my ear, “actually, aunt ann-marie, i think it’s my brain! but don’t tell uncle david.”

gotta love that kid!


audrey said...

what a hoot! i love your little isaak's comments. thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

both are way cute but i think that first one is just precious. i love kids quotes. :)