a blog by any other name . . .

it has been suggested that, now that i am no longer only amo, but amof, i change the name of my blog. knowing that the url will remain the same has kept me from thinking of changing the name of the actual page, but i suppose this need not be the case. sooooooo,

what should i re-name the amoblog?

Current results

should you get hungry whilst ruminating on the above, feel free to put together my favorite summer treat:

tantalizing tuna melts

2 6-ounce containers tuna
2 teaspoons mayonnaise
1 tomato
1 avocado
3 whole-wheat english muffins
6 large slices swiss cheese (lorraine is my favorite, but jewel brand is pictured below)

pre-heat oven to 250 degrees.

mix tuna and mayonnaise together in a bowl. open english muffins so they are nooks-n-crannies side up. slice tomato and avocado.

put a generous helping of tuna on each english muffin. set two slices of avocado on top of the tuna, and a tomato slice on top of the avocado. lay a slice of swiss cheese on top of each and put in the oven.

i have not yet perfected the length of time they should be in the oven, but keep a watch on them. when the cheese is brown on top, they're ready. enjoy!

pre-oven tuna melts


MeganBritt said...

"frisky" is TOTALLY winning!

melissa said...

look at you, foodblogger!!!!! welcome to the club. ;) warning: it's addictive!

mar said...

mmmm, i love tuna melts!
thanks for the idea; maybe we'll have that tomorrow. ginger chicken stir-fry is on the menu for tonight.

Anonymous said...

Guess I've been away a while!
I submit "blog o'frisk" --
o' representing of or your maiden name.


ann-marie said...

ooh, i actually really like that . . . hmmmm . . .