out with the old, part deux

the home decorating bug has bitten this pair of newlyweds. not only do we have a new couch and armchair, but we bought curtains! one piece of art (for the bedroom) has arrived, and the other (for the living room) is on its way. in addition, the effects of this bite have extended from the friendly (and now much more comfortable) confines of our home to the pages of my blog.

after nearly four years of the blue tic tac template, i have made the leap to the "new" blogger. this was no small feat, but after a day or so of contemplating the change and an hour of updating the new template to include my lists and personal features, here i am.

it's kind of sophisticated, don't you think?

(my guess is that melissa, audrey, the emilies, alli, and laurie would agree ;) ).


melissa said...

lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, punk. we had our first cantate rehearsal last night. you were not there. it made me sad. we added another north parker. come back soon!! we miss you!!


Stuart Shea said...

new art is always good. That's a great print.

audrey said...

love the new look!

love the new artwork, too. we're in need of some as well, and now have some websites to peruse, thanks to you.

elm said...

that's funny- i notice that your blog colors now match your new living room colors & decor, as well as the not-soon-enough-arriving Mackintosh print.
oh, and it matches autumn. :) i like it!