we're artsy

at least that's what we tell ourselves.

david and i just completed the hanging of three pieces we framed tonight at the great frame-up. just thought i'd share.

these are two photos david took over the spring and summer of 2006. the lighthouse is on the shore of lake michigan in the lower peninsula of michigan. the waterfall is bond falls, found in the upper peninsula. we hung these in our second bedroom/office.

andrew wyeth's master bedroom. long a favorite of mine, i was pleased to discover that david shared my love of the dog -- who we lovingly refer to as "our puppy" -- snuggled up to the pillows of its owners' bed. perhaps one day we will have our own, honest-to-goodness master bedroom in which to hang it (and our own, honest-to-goodness puppy to let sleep on our bed). for now our little apartment bedroom and one-dimensional best friend will have to do.

and i am perfectly happy with that.


audrey said...

love that your walls are slowly being filled with beautiful artwork! david's photos are beautiful, and the puppy is incredibly sweet.

nicely done!

Alli said...

Haha, I think I need a "puppy!" Nice artwork-I love the framed photos, it's so fun to have art on the walls that is your own!

mdog said...

nice photos, and framing [in both senses]. i dig it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, but the puppy will soon believe the bed is ALL his!! :)

(it sure is cute when Basil is cuddled up on our bed, though - puppy hairs and all!)

I love the pics!

simplicity said...

Somedays are great to look forward too, but so glad you're enjoying right here and right now.

Love the wall decorations.

Irene said...

I LOVE the B&W photos. simply amazing.

The Bramleys said...

We have the same picture of the dog! In fact, we love that picture so much b/c so many times we have come home to see our real dog curled up on our bed in that exact postition! Good taste!