homeward bound

three weeks and one day after being admitted to the hospital, it looks as if susanna will be just that tomorrow. she has been doing very well -- despite understandable feelings of being cooped up and distant from her family -- and was slated to enter the rehab clinic today or tomorrow. however, after an evaluation by a clinic rep, she was deemed too high-functioning to need their services. at least on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

so, what we are expecting is that she will be released from the hospital tomorrow and will come home. after that, she will be visited on a daily basis by a physical therapist, who will work with her to build up her strength.

the sad news is that she has been told she should not fly at christmas, which means that they can not come to chicago. however, because they were unable to be with kari in boston for thanksgiving, they will probably drive to be with her, depending on how susanna is feeling at that time. isaak hasn't been told about that possibility yet, because there simply hasn't been time for peter to have the discussion with him.

we don't know yet what time she will be released, but we will be ready.

aaron and i had a good day today. i got to play mommy a little and bring him to the pediatrician. he is a happy, healthy little guy (i do hope to post some pictures -- probably after i get home), and his smile just cracks me up.

isaak is as creative and interesting as ever. he loves to read, to draw, and to pretend to be whatever imaginary character strikes his fancy. so far this week he has been isaak the professional photographer and isaak the private detective.

it's hard to believe i leave the day after tomorrow. i will sleep well on the planes, i'm sure.


Anonymous said...

AMO - so glad to hear Susanna is coming home. I know everyone is ready for it. Sorry the Christmas plans are having to change, but hopefully, she will be well on the mend and can come visit soon. I'm so glad you are there and helping out - I know you are so appreciated! Have a safe trip home...We'll continue to pray!

Brian said...

Praise! You just made my day!

- Brian

melissa said...

such great news. thanks for the update! sorry to hear that peter and susanna won't make it to chicago for Christmas, but it's so good to know that her health is improving. my prayers are with you for a safe trip home. love you!