Ain't love ducky?

Shortly after David and I were married, we were presented with two rubber duckies decked out in wedding garb, a gift from our nephew Isaak. Since that day, they have had a home on the windowsill of our bathroom. A fitting place for rubber duckies.

Over the past few weeks, life has been difficult for me at work, and that has made life at home significantly less pleasant than usual. Please don't imagine shouting matches or angry words being slung back and forth. Just a lot of tears, questioning, confusion, self-deprecation, and wishful thinking.

Because I have felt badly for being the cause of this stressful time, I have tried to do little things to let David know how much I love him (and how sorry I am). One of those things was to re-position our wedded duckies thusly:

It was my hope that their bills would meet, resulting in a ducky smooch. No such luck, but at least the idea was there. (And yes, it's a bit disturbing to me that the bride ducky's bum is sticking out of her gown.)

David noticed and was appreciative of the sentiment. But it wasn't more than a day before I came home and found the duckies re-positioned yet again:

Now, if you study the photo, you will see that David constructed a bed out of Post-it notes, complete with Post-it pillows. You will also see that the groom ducky (representing David, of course) is being nearly shoved off of the bed by the bride ducky (representing yours truly). This is a fairly common occurrence in our nightly life, and David has to wake me up on occasion to tell me to move back to my side of the bed. Whenever he pokes fun, I give him my best pout and say, "But it's only because I want to be CLOSE to you."

I love you, David. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and wisdom. This too shall pass.


Kelly said...

So sweet! David is a gem, clearly. I hope things get better at work soon.

simplicity said...

Every marriage has these sorts of patches. Good for you and David for finding humor in it. I love the ducks.

Melissa said...

Sad, I just had to get rid of our ducks yesterday due to some nasty tub scum that attached to their bottoms! Too funny with the Post-Its. Steven's the bed hog in our household. :)

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about two little duckies is that one can keep the other afloat during tough times. Believe me, it's one of the best things about a marriage--new or not-so-new.

Love you both,

Mom O.

Audrey said...

I loved this post, Ann-Marie - so honest and so sweet. Thank you for sharing your lovey duckies and their animations with us. David's bed "scene" made me laugh out loud! I'm sorry that life has been tough on you two lately. Hang in there, friend!