Payback time

If you are a regular reader, you will remember an earlier post in which I mentioned that Melissa and I did some bartering. In exchange for me organizing her workshop, she offered to cook dinner for me. Our handsome husbands were invited to join us, too, of course. We were all pleased (and a bit surprised, considering how busy all of us are these days) when the opportunity for said dinner presented itself sooner rather than later.

So, this past Saturday evening, David and I made our way over to Steve and Melissa's to partake of her famous white chili.

On the way, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine. Now, I have long understood the importance of being good to our earth (see my most recent post), but I must be turning into a full-blown tree hugger or something, because I was appalled at the length of the receipt we were given. For ONE item. The thing was 15 3/4" long (yes, I measured it). Plus, we forgot our neoprene bottle tote, so we had to use a paper bag to carry the bottle out of the store (I'm sure that exuded class to our lovely host and hostess). Oh well. At least they're both recyclable.

When we arrived at their apartment, we were greeted by our gracious hosts and a plate of roasted red peppers with balsamic vinegar resting in dainty parmesan cups. They were delicious, and even Steve, who dislikes the texture of roasted red peppers, ate his fair share.

As we waited for the chili, we chatted while David bonded with their six-month-old kitten, Cosette, who I thought was going to hide in his pocket so she could go home with him at the end of the night. And he says he doesn't like cats.

Dinnertime arrived, and Melissa (as always) did not disappoint. She told me I could have the recipe for this tasty dish, but only if I promised on my life that I would not share it. It's a recipe she uses for her new business, you see. But, since I'm honestly not sure I'm that strong, I might just have to invite myself over for another tasting at a later date.

Our time with these good friends is always pleasant, and we hope it won't be too long before we can see them again. But with the holidays coming up . . . who knows?

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Melissa said...

The bag is recyclable? Or your host and hostess are? ;) Silly dinner guest, your bag doesn't matter...the contents do! :) Thanks again for your great service last week, and for joining us for a nice night in. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!