puzzled in pink

in the past week, i have purchased two pink sweaters.


the girl who hasn’t worn pink since 1987.

i’m not sure what possessed me. was it the influence of the cable fashion show i saw which stated -- in its self-important, über-chic tone -- that “pink is the new black”? was it the realization that it’s okay to be a little bit girly? or was it the fact that they went with the pants i was planning to buy?

perhaps it was a little bit of each. at any rate, one cost me more than it should have, and the other cost less than i had expected. so i suppose it all evens out.

aren’t you all glad i shared this with you?


Anonymous said...

What with the flaming red locks, I'm not a pink girl myself, but I do find myself liking pink things lately. Perhaps it was being deprived from wearing any pink or red as a child. *L*

amo said...

interesting . . . i would have thought the whole molly ringwald-pretty in pink thing would have discouraged the idea that redheads can't wear pink. in most cases i believe that, if you like it and you think it looks good, more power to you. but i suppose that's not always the case.

thanks for checking out my blog, marmar! :D

Anonymous said...


i am categorically certain that i own nothing pink; i've only recently been warming up to purple. perhaps pink hued sweaters are in my future as well?



amo said...

yup, that was me for a long time.
when i told my mom i bought a pink item of clothing,
she said, "let me sit down!"