for the second weekend in a row, i take to the skies. tonight i leave for minneapolis to take part in some alumni/donor events. it will be fun, as i will see many friends and former classmates. it will also be fattening, as friday is a day full of meals, from breakfast with a group of 83 alumni (the average age of which is 83), to lunch for only eight or 10 people from various age groups, to dinner with 25 or 30 young alumni.

friday night will be spent in the home of good friends, to which i am very much looking forward. the home is new, and the friends are ones i see only now and again. i’m fully expecting to crack open a bottle of wine and stay up much too late, but we’ll see what happens. after friday’s schedule of events, i may just fall asleep the minute i sit down.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your trip was fun & not too exhausting. I'm trippin' to Nashvegas for Thanksgiving, so hopefully it will also be uneventful. At least I don't have to make the 9 hour drive alone, hopping on a plane instead.
My old college roomie's bf decided we'd be making the holiday feast rather than going out for dinner, so I've got a pumpkin pie to bake in my near future.