good friends.
good memories.
good times.

this weekend i flew to baltimore to surprise a college friend for her 30th birthday. she is the ultimate skeptic -– not to mention one of the most keenly observant people in the world –- so we were so pleased when we pulled it off. she hadn’t had a clue, even though she realized in retrospect the oddities of people’s behavior during the days and weeks prior.

including the guest of honor, there were five of us in attendance who had graduated together, and it was so wonderful to be together again. i hadn’t realized how much i truly missed them until we were all in the same place at the same time.

the weekend was too short and i’m exhausted. but it was all worth it. we remembered and often laughed over times past, and made new memories just by virtue of being in each others’ presence. what a treasure, good friends.


Scott said...

Hey look! AMO's got a blog! :D :D

Ok, so this has nothing to do with your post, I just thought I'd pop in here and say 'hi'. I'll add your site to my RSS reader so I can keep up with you better...d'oh! You haven't enabled RSS/XML! It's somewhere in the "setup" stuff on Blogger. You should look for it and turn it on. It let's people know whenever there's new conent on your blog.

Ah, you'll get there eventually... ;-) Baby steps, baby steps...this is a good start AMO! I'm impressed!

Come out to my party next month and we'll geek out over all sortsa Blogger stuff!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm going to see an old friend in Nashvegas for the holiday & it'll be really good to get away before I start my new job & after everything that's gone on recently (or even in the past year for that matter).

Anonymous said...