all about the benjamin

fortunately, i only have to shell out one of them instead of seven to pay for my new alternator. in addition, my new computer has been delivered. so, despite the snow, the forthcoming single-digit temperatures, and scott insulting my choice of vehicular transport, it’s a good day!


Scott said...

Ouch! Let me clarify a couple of things. It's just an unfortunate reality that Hondas and Toyotas tend to cram everything under the hood so closely together that, invariably, one has to disassemble many unrelated parts to get to the "problem" and solve it. American cars, unfortunately, are becoming more and more problematic in that regard as well.

I know this is your blog, but I'm going to hijack it for a moment to get up on one of my many soapboxes and also point out something that not many American automobile consumers are very aware of. It's an example that's not completely related, but I think it'll serve to better clarify my position.

After 9/11, Chrysler donated more money than any other automobile manufacturer to the families of the victims and the rebuilding efforts. Ford and GM also contributed sizeable amounts of money. Honda and Toyota did not give one cent. We are one of their (if not THE) biggest customers. As an American "grease-monkey", that spoke volumes to me. It cemented any inclination I might have to the phrase "buy American". I know, I own a Mazda too, but technically, that's a Ford.

Now, having said that, one other point I'll make is that "car people" tend to favor one type of car over others. My own father gives me all kinds of grief for being a "Ford guy". He's a MOPAR (Chrysler/Dodge) guy. So there's always good natured ribbing involved in just about any real discussion of cars - some of it's well-supported and some of it isn't.

Either way, I'm glad your situation is resolved (or soon to be) relatively inexpensively. OK? No hard feelings?

amo said...

nope -- never were any hard feelings. my comment was just a joke. :)

mar said...

Glad your car trouble was fix'ed relatively quickly & painlessly. I'm still waiting on the diagnosis for Duncan (my '96 Cutlass Supreme) when he broke down on the highway drive to work this morning. I already replaced the fuel pump 3 weeks ago.
Might be time for a new car. My family has always been GM/Dodge people, but I'm thinking about a Jetta...

And thanks for the Chi-town move suggestion. :D If it weren't for my cool new job, I'd give it serious consideration.