ah, napoleon dynamite. i’m not sure i understood you, but you sure made me laugh. not at first. at first i felt badly for you, thinking you were all that while other kids laughed at you; saving your tots for later, only to get them smashed in your pants pocket by the mean kid in class; offering “the best drawing [you’ve] ever done” to trisha as a presumptuous invitation to the school dance; displaying your sweet moves as a follow-up to pedro’s student body president speech. and kip. thirty-two-year-old kip chatting online all day with his girlfriend, lafawnduh, and signing up for rex kwon do.

if you haven’t seen napoleon dynamite, rent it. and if you have seen it and weren’t sure you liked it, see it again. it’s incredibly random and there isn’t really a plot, but there’s something to be said for mindless entertainment that doesn’t revolve around people doing any variety of stupid things for a million bucks.

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