service by circumvention

this must be what “sbc” stands for. when i decided to order internet service through sbc, i was originally told it would take seven to ten days for the software package to arrive. when i called after fourteen days, i was told fourteen to twenty-one business days. then, after nearly six weeks of waiting for my internet software to make an appearance, i called to inquire and was told that, as they could not account for the software’s refusal to find its way to my mailbox, they would happily help me set up my internet without the disc. what?! i just waited six weeks for something that could have been done over the phone when i ordered the dang thing? erg.

so, i now have internet access at home. it’s dial-up, which is a tad slower than i’m used to, but so far i have no complaints. in the long run, having this will make many aspects of my life much easier.

and on a completely unrelated note . . . not only is ryan gosling an extremely talented actor, the boy can sing!


mar said...

he can?

and grrrr to sbc. having worked in telecom, i understand the frustration.

amo said...

well, you're not chosen to be part of the new mickey mouse club fer nuthin'. ;)

mar said...

ryan & justin timberlake!