countdown to oscar

in six days the academy of motion picture arts & sciences will bestow upon the hollywood elite awards for outstanding film achievements of 2004. it’s frivolous and silly, and yet i watch. sadly, i have seen none of the best picture nominees, unless you include best animated feature. then i’ve seen one: shrek 2. however, i have seen a few of the nominated performances: jamie foxx’s best supporting performance in collateral, don cheadle’s best actor and sophie okonedo’s best supporting performances in hotel rwanda, kate winslet’s best actress performance in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and an hour of jamie foxx’s best actor performance in ray (i hope to see the rest of that before sunday night). if i could afford the time and money to see the remaining four best picture nominees by sunday, i would, but i know it won’t happen. the funny part about it is, i’m hosting an oscar party at my apartment. oh, well. it will be frivolous and silly fun anyway.

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