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this blog may be left by the wayside for a while . . . put on the back burner, for lack of a more original term. starting in one week, it will be required of me to write a daily blog on back burner's site about my progress on the film. if i can’t write every day, i will be required to write, at the very least, three times a week to keep the rest of the team up to speed on what’s happening with the casting crew (which consists of, at this point in time, me) and what is coming down the pipe.

director-man gave me ten copies of the script to send out to various and sundry big-name stars, not necessarily in the hope of acquiring their talent – we don’t have the money for that – but in the hope that they will develop an interest in being a supporter of the film. i’m not sure how that letter will go over, especially since i have yet to write it, but that is part of my homework for this weekend.

so, if i don’t post as often, now you know why. this film is a very exciting opportunity for me, and it will take a good portion of my free time for the next six months. if i do my job, you may very well be seeing say hello to clive for me on the list of entries for sundance 2006. imagine that!

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