catching up

i realize i haven’t posted in the past week or so, and i’m not sure if it’s because i don’t have much to say, or because i don’t have the time to say it. the latter is more likely the reason. the film is humming along, and our last open position may have been filled; we have yet to hear back from our latest production manager prospect. she sat in on our meeting on tuesday and seemed pleased with the group and the process thus far, so i’m hopeful. not only that, but we received our first donation. the donor wishes to remain anonymous, and even i don’t know who it is. though i think i may have an idea.

rehearsals for cantate are also coming along, though i currently have very little voice for singing. i sat in on the rehearsal last night, though, as i’ve already missed my allotted number of rehearsals. i’m sure everyone was pleased to hear me coughing and sniffling for three hours. oh well. i felt i got a lot out of it as far as being able to hear the music and not have to sing any (potentially) wrong notes. not that i do that . . .

movies i’ve seen while home from work the past two days: shall we dance? (both the original and the remake) and shark tale. i highly recommend the original, japanese version of shall we dance?. the remake, set in chicago, lacks the gravity of the japanese social issues, as well as much of the charm of the original. plus, richard gere does nothing for me. shark tale was cute, though not as consistently funny as many of its animated counterparts. the moments when i did laugh, though, i laughed out loud.

take care of yourselves, everyone, and don’t get sick! there’s so little of winter left (she types hopefully as the flurries swirl outside her window)!


Small Moments of Sanity said...

hey amo! i'm not sure why i never checked your blog out before but find it cool we both have one on blogspot. this is melissa aka likely girl, by the way! :) cool place ya got here! i still need to add more little goodies to my blog.. it's been fun!

mar said...

glad things are going well!