i love them! i love watching them and learning about them. i love seeing all of the extra features on dvds. all of them. i love hearing stories about how they were made; who was almost cast and why, in the end, they weren’t; seeing little movies that no one knows about; and reading about who’s coming up in what and when. i love learning about how special effects are achieved and how actors find their characters. i love seeing movies more than once, so i can pick up on things i missed the first, second, tenth, or twelfth time. i own more movies than any one person needs, and i’m just getting started on my dvd collection.

i love movies. i love everything about them. so . . . how is it that i don’t have a subscription to a single entertainment magazine!?


mar said...

i really want to see the saddest music in the world.
i don't watch nearly enough movies. hardly any. :(

amo said...

that one does look interesting. i'll have to add it to my long list!