few and far between

hey, all (all five of you, is it?) -

sorry i haven’t been keeping up with this much. that’s just how it’s going to be for a while. the film has begun taking up a lot of my time, which was to be expected. last night, our director, our director of photography, and i stayed up until 2:30 preparing for our auditions, which are being held over the next two days. then i went home and printed out some more materials we’re going to need, and was in bed at, oh, 3:45.

unfortunately, i had to get to work early this morning to get a jump on the day, so i’m running on three hours of sleep. and i have to work at the teen center tonight. i am going to be SO PLEASANT tomorrow!!!!

peace to all!

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mar said...

hey! i blogged again, too. :D