ban comic sans

it's about time!


mar said...

huh? i don't get it. guess i had no idea there was such a hullaballoo over it.

amo said...

i, for one, can not STAND comic sans. i just happened to stumble across this site and found i was not the only one. whew. :)

mdog said...


i knew someone that used comic sans as their default email font.


amo said...

it's just wrong!

our church uses it in our bulletins, and it drives me batty.

mdog said...


i just pulled a huge, official-ish looking report off the copier [it's gotta be at least 100 pages] and THE TITLE PAGE IS IN COMIC SANS. i couldn't make this up.

for the record, the body of the report is in times or something equally as bland. i have to admit that's the first time i've seen something in times new roman and thought, "whew!"


amo said...

i just don't get the attraction!!!

it's not cute, people.
it's not whimsical.
it's just . . . bleh.