that's a wrap!

i have no idea how the shoot for “say hello to clive for me” has already ended, but it has. a six-week shoot sounded like a long time when we started, but here we are, finished, reading “it was so great to work with you” and “good luck in l.a.” emails, wondering if we’ll ever see some of these people again (other than on the silver screen), and praying the final product lives up to the motivation and dedication that went into the shoot.

the actors and crew were amazing, enduring 90+-degree temperatures while dressed for fall, countless schedule adjustments and 4-am calls, and dealing with the general craziness that is independent filmmaking. all in all, it was a blast, and i’d do it again in a heartbeat. especially with these people.

the next step is to have the film edited by (*fingers crossed*) early september so it can be submitted to sundance for the 2006 festival. that would be sweet. a “clive”-specific web site should be up shortly (assuming we get bios from all of our actors before too long), and i’ll pass that information on to each of you when it is ready.

my original thought was to return to more regular blogging once the film wrapped, but i have to say, i haven’t really missed it while i’ve been “gone.” perhaps this was just an experiment that was fun for a while but not meant to last.

i need to do less writing about life and more living it.

peace and indies to all!


Stuart Shea said...

I'm so glad that doing this film was a good experience for you. Here's to many more.

Scott said...

Congrats on the wrap! Sorry I chumped out on you so much for playing an extra.

mdog said...

ohhh... i hope i hope i hope that the amoblog will continue! but if not, it's okay. just don't forget all the little bloggers out there.


mar said...

can't wait to see this on the big screen!
continue on if you feel up to it!