the loneliest number?

i’ve been struck lately by some advertising i’ve encountered that seems, oh, how do i put it . . . duo-centric? commercials that are not only geared toward couples, but that actually make the assumption that life as one half of a couple or a part of a nuclear family is better or, somehow, the norm.

exhibit a: ameriquest mortgage company
opening statement of commercial: it takes a family to make a house a home.
rebuttal: whatever. i, as a single woman with no current significant other, have made a beautiful home out of my two-bedroom condo. i enjoy entertaining friends and family there, whether for dinner, a movie, or just time to chat and catch up. it is my home, and its status as such does not depend on the presence of a man who can change light bulbs or kill spiders for me.

exhibit b: pillsbury perfect portion biscuits
opening statement of commercial: a series of shots of couples engaging in various daily activities, followed by the line, if people come in pairs, why shouldn’t biscuits? (i’m not even kidding. it even says it on the web page for the product.)
rebuttal: people don’t come in pairs, doughboy. well, not unless they’re twins.

i’m sure people reading this will dismiss me as a bitter singleton. perhaps they’re not completely wrong. but they’re not completely right, either. it’s just about sensitivity, folks.

if i never get married or have children, i’ll be okay. in fact, i'll be great. fortunately, i know that. but not all people watching your ads do.


Scott said...

Hear, hear! You go girl! ;)

Honestly, I haven't noticed the commercials. What gets me going, though, is in the workplace. Did you know that in your average American office, you'll make more money if you have the excuse "I've got a wife and kids to think about". No kidding. My boss and I have had this very conversation and he thinks it's perfectly justifiable. Like it actually has something to do with te quality of work you're doing. Don't get me wrong, I love him, he's a great guy, but...well...we don't always agree.

amo said...

really? huh. i wonder if my salary would increase if i were to get married . . .

that's ridiculous. if you're married, you have a second income, so why should they raise the income of marrieds and not singles?

stupid average american office.

jared said...

Don't be too quick to assume that all married couples have two incomes. Many families still rely on a single income for various reasons.

amo said...

i stand corrected. thanks for the reminder, jared.