say "no" to spam

the last few posts i’ve put up have resulted in spam comments, which i have since deleted. however, due to this fact, i am now only allowing comments from people who are registered users of this blog. i apologize if this is an inconvenience for anyone, but i really don’t need spam about viagra and replacement windows on my blog. thanks for understanding.


paul said...

amoblog... how did you do that? Are you just not letting people post anonymously? Some people have this thing where you type in a "word." I'm getting frustrated as well.

And I don't want viagra either.

But do you want to buy a watch?

Just kidding... I got to you through mdog btw.

amo said...

i think that's how it's going to work from now on. when i went to the "comments" section of my settings, i opted for "only registered users." it seems to be working so far.

i'm not sure i know what you mean by typing in a "word," though. is that different from a regular word? ;)

i enjoy the insight you often provide (as well as the humor) on mdog's site.